Think of 2013 as the prep for Beer Lovers Week 2014!


Boilermakers Session

Boilermakers. When done right, they’re a beautiful thing. The combination of Whisky and Beer just seems so natural, I mean, they have a lot in common. They should be good buddies, but you can’t just throw any whisky and any beer together; it’s an art. Chris from Lark Distillery will be at The Winston on Sunday November 10 to chat all things whisky, while you indulge in a whisky that’s been hand matched to your beer.

Location: the Winston

A Prickly Evening

We will be sharing the bar with the Boys from Prickly Moses Brewing. To make this a more special occasion, for Beer Lovers Week we will be introducing to Tassie some new beers never seen on our shores, along with some favourites. There will be free tastings, give aways and if you are lucky enough, you may even get the opportunity to taste one of the extra rare Vintage Ales. One of the prickly experts from the brewery will be on hand for all of your questions. Some snacks will also be provided.

Location: The Republic Bar

Sliders and a Pot

The newly opened Tasman Quartermasters are already receiving rave reviews and have quickly established themselves as the go-to spot for a truly kick ass burger.

Head along on Monday November 11 from 4.30pm and you can pick a cider or beer, and it’ll be matched with the perfect Slider (FYI: a slider is a little itty bitty mini-hamburger).

3 beer and 3 cider combos to choose from.

Location: Tasman Quartermasters

Island Hopping – Comparative Beer Tasting

As part of Beer Lovers Week, a selection of beers from islands around the globe, including:

Tasmania, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and more…

Location: Cool Wine

Beer Lovers Trivia

So you know your pints from your pots, but do you know your Doppelbocks from your Barley Wines?

Do you know your Saccharomyces cerevisiae from your Saccharomyces pastorianus*? If you do, then you should definitely head along to Tattersalls on Tuesday November 12 and school the rest of us. Form a team and pit your wits against some super cluey craft beer enthusiasts. You might learn a few things along the way, and even better, you might win beer! Prizes available every round!

*Don’t fear, you probably won’t need to know the differences between specific yeast strains, who the hell does? It’ll be a lot more laid back and lighthearted than that. We promise.

Grain vs Grape Dinner

Remember when it was strictly beer for the blokes, and wine for the sheilas? Well, me either, and fortunately those days are behind us anyway. Nowadays, everybody drinks everything, and that’s awesome. But picking the appropriate drink for a particular meal is a mysterious art.

$100 will get you a heap of food, with all five courses matched to a beer and a wine, guests will get a chance to rate what they believe to be the best match.

The Abbey presents Kirin cider

The Abbey introduces Kirin’s exciting new cider range. Free tastings then discounted bottles for sale, if they take your fancy.

Location: The Abbey

Lost Pippin and the Crumb Street Kitchen – a perfect match!

Great cider and great meat, can’t be beat. Can’t be beat. Mark from Lost Pippin Cidery will present a very special dinner comprised of food prepared by the amazing Crumb Street Kitchen crew, accompanied by four unique Lost Pippin Ciders.

Get in touch with the people at The Abbey to gain access to their secret underground dungeon (I’m not even joking).

Location: The Abbey

Backyard BBQ

Seriously, what’s better than a sunny day and a backyard BBQ? Nothing. Nothing is better than that. Shut up. The backyard BBQ is an Australian institution. The outdoor area at Preachers is spectacular in Summer, add a free BBQ, a game of backyard cricket and some awesome beers on special and it’s pretty much heaven.

A soon to be announced keg will be available for review, too. So head along from 5pm onwards, grab something tasty from the BBQ and something tasty from the taps, chill the heck out and enjoy the awesome summery vibes!

Location: Preachers

Crafty’s Pint of Origin Blind Tasting

We’re running a Pint of Origin style “Pale Off” at Tattersalls Beer & Food Hall that sees us line up a top notch pale ale from each of the Australian states alongside a couple of international crackers.

You’ll taste them blind, score them and then we’ll reveal who brews the best pale ale.

If you’ve never tasted beers blind before, we can assure you it’s not only eye-opening but huge fun too, especially when the results are revealed. It’s amazing how differently you experience beer when there’s no label to guide your expectations…

We’re lining up a panel of experts – brewers and beer industry folks – to judge too and will have prizes for those whose scores are closest to the judges and for the person who guesses the most actual beers – if anyone can guess any, that is.

You’ll be given a crash course in how to assess and score beers, an insight into pale ales and also the chance to hear from the people that make the beers you love.

Presented by: James Smith (The Crafty Pint)

Location: Tattersalls Beer and Food Hall

Matilda Bay Movember Madness

To help us launch the new Vic Tav as the home of Matilda Bay in Hobart – come and visit for the full week and try any of the range – all on tap – for just a sneaky $9 pint! There will be additional happy hour prices, matching food, and as always great live music and a cosy atmosphere. We’re also supporting Movember all month, to help sweeten the deal!

Location: Victoria Tavern

Winston’s American Tap Takeover

Some of America’s finest craft beers will be showcased at The Winston for the whole week leading up to and including the weekend of Tasmanian Beer Fest. We will also have a special menu matched with this great selection of beers. Sierra Nevada will be available on tap for the first time in Tasmania during the event as well!

Location: the Winston

Beer Menu Takeover

Tasman Quartermasters is matching every item on the menu with a hand picked beer.

Location: Tasman Quartermasters

A few sneaky extras!

Beer Lovers Week might be over, but your thirst probably isn’t.

Moo Brew Takeover @ Jack Greene

Jack Greene is getting Moo all-over. The entire Moo Brew range will be available, as well as this years Summer Seasonal Release (Saison).

Location: Jack Greene

Moo Brew Takeover @ Irish Murphy’s

Don’t let the name fool you. Irish Murphy’s is all about craft beer and as such, the entire Moo Brew range will be available, as well as this years Summer Seasonal Release (Saison).

Location: Irish Murphy’s

Meet the Brewers

Come along to The Winston from 4pm and catch up with some of our favourite brewers from around Australia.
It is the day after Tasmanian Beer Fest, but we are certain everyone will be keen to have some ‘hair of the dog’ and chat about all things beer.

Location: The Winston